Eviction order to IGBO stands – Finally, Northern Elders break silence, blast Northern Governors for going against Northern groups


The Northern Elders’ Forum has changed gear and reportedly expressed unflinching support for the eviction order issued the Igbos to leave the North within 90 calendar days.

The Northern Elders made this known despite the condemnation trailing the eviction notice. 

The spokesperson of the forum, Professor Ango Abdullahi said it was hypocritical on the part of the Igbos to continue their agitation for Nigeria’s break up while they live in large numbers in other parts of the country and condemned the Northern Governors for dissociating themselves from the call made by Arewa Youths
He said: “I am disappointed in the decision taken by Northern Governors’ Forum disowning and condemning the agitation by this young agile and progressive youth groups.  

“Let me ask these Northern governors, whom are they representing, are they representing spirits, ghost or people of the north?

“Recently, people from eastern part of this country, specifically Igbo, were busy calling for the Sovereign State of Biafra and from all indication their leaders including governors are behind them.”

If Nigeria is not conducive for him” let him quit, adding that what the northern youth groups did was not a sin.”, he said.


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