[Read Story] Blood for Blood!!!!!! season 1 (Episode 6, 7 & 8)

********Episode 6***********
My blood was pumping hard now,just as I liked it,the epinephrine had kicked in,”its been way too long since i’ve felt this way”.there was a mixture of fulfillment and fear pumping through me as I ran,i could only hope to spot a tree that would take me up and hide me till the morning,there was no way these niggas could get hold of me then.Just then,i heard a very loud voice probably from the clearing yelling into the silent night,”make una no throw am overboard oooooo…….carry am come make em contact ruggedity”.immediately the voice ceased to speak,i heard five sets of footsteps running closely behind me,”what the f**k”,i thought,it’s either these guys are into athletics or they had some spiritual help cos I was running frigging fast and another thing was the air of confidence about the way the voice spoke as if it was a hundred percent sure that I would be caught by the guys now hot on my heels…

All of a sudden,i started wishing I hadn’t dropped my gun,d–n!!!,these niggas could run fast!!!this was something I hadn’t made plans for earlier ‘cos I was hoping to outrun them…..I was almost out of breath when I suddenly had a change of plan,i dropped on the ground abruptly and rolled into some underlying shrubs and waited for the first fool who would make his way into my ambush…

Thump!thump!!thump!!! the unfortunate guy ran into my waiting arms..I didn’t give him time to think,jumping on him and straddling him from behind,i used my strong feet to hook his hands behind him,my burly arms wrapped around his neck,he was in a chokehold…..our bodies crashed to the ground but it would take a lot more than that to pry me away from my victim….He struggled in vain as I snapped his neck…….I was a stone cold killer,i had the advantage or so I thought!!!! better yet these guys didn’t know the first thing about ”Blood”……I was prepared to give them a lesson or two…….


***********Episode 7*********
As I still grappled with the lifeless body of the cultist whose life I had just snuffed out….i heard a couple more advancing footsteps,dry leaves and twigs snapping sounds grew louder as I hid the body preparing for another assault on these as I had termed them,”intruders”.Judging from the bodies of the guy I had stunned earlier with my jabs and the lifeless body at my feet.i could only make a simple conclusion,these boys were not just a rag-tag group of mummy’s boys throwing a parade.They were hunky death machines but I had the advantage of speed in addition to my well toned muscular physique courtesy of long hours at the gym…I was crouching now as two more of them crashed through the shrubbery least expecting to find their target crouching and patiently waiting to launch a deadly assault.As quick as lightening,i threw sand at both their eyes,jumping really high,i planted both of my feet on the first guy’s chest,he fell backward hitting his head hard on a tree trunk,not waiting to find out if he was passed out or not.i jumped on the other guy and s——-d him just like I did with the dead guy…As soon as I curled my arms around his neck….leaves rustled directly above my head….i hadn’t anticipated another one of them this soon.”gbiim” he hit me point blank on the face with the butt of his rifle…..i staggered up,blood poured from my nose,”gbiim”yet another head butt from the guy whose neck I had nearly snapped a few seconds ago….i fell to the ground and everything went black


*********Episode 8***********
”you are no longer the blood I used to know” echoed again and again in my head becoming louder each time it was being repeated,louder and louder it got until I started screaming.With a startle,i opened my eyes and felt pains all over my body,the pains told the tale;i had being brutally beaten even as I had passed out.i had opened my eyes just as I was being dragged into the clearing which I had being spying on earlier,my vision was blurred,my speech slurred and I felt blood dripping down my face,i couldn’t tell the intensity of the beating I had taken.I was able to make out the form of the guy whose neck I had snapped earlier being dragged into the clearing and simultaneaously,a ruccus erupted within the confraternity,”kill am…..kill am”rent the air all around me as I wondered how they knew I was still alive.I was able to detect the strong smell of alcohol and marijuana within the clearing,any sense of judgement which this lot possessed before that I may have counted upon to save my life was utterly gone,these niggas were high and I doubt that in this state they could reason,i had already prepared to walk through the gates of hell because I knew heaven would be a dream for me.As they prepared to pounce on me,a shrill voice,the same one I had heard earlier while on the run.”maintain” it issued authoritatively getting closer,the angry mob fell backward as they said in unison,”D1 most rugged”.It took the last strength I had in me to open my eyes fully.there standing before me was a hunky,heavily built guy….My assessment of him was cut short when he spoke to me,”so na you enter Iceland dey form jet-li abi???”………Maybe I was gonna die after all…….

to be continue………………….


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