Blind Desire by Aartial D. (Episode 9 & 10)

Episode Nine.
‘veebeauty….’ he said blocking my way as i made to hang the wet clothes on the rope.

‘get out of my way Ifeanyi!’ i snapped. Yes, i was mad at him..if he wasnt going to tell me everything happening with my parents then i see no reason why we should remain friends.

‘Ivyy, try to understand me…its best you dont know whats happening…okay, okay…i will tell you…’ he breathed and closed his eyes like he was fighting with his mind.

I dropped the clothes back in bucket and looked back at the compound, aunt Chime was in taking a nap and i didnt want to risk her seeing Ifeanyi here.

So i held his hand and led him to the garden…i spread cocoyam leaves and we sat on the ground.

‘tell me everything now…’ i said in an authoritative manner.

‘Ivyy, it would be best if you dont know…you’re not going to be happy about it if you find out what your mother had done and i cant stand you being sad…’ he said touching my cheeks.

I slapped his hands away ‘if you are not ready to tell me then forget about it….’

‘Vee calm down…’ he held my hand ‘promise me you wont be sad…’

‘i promise…’

‘okay…your mother is…you mother….’

‘Ivyyyyyyy!’ i heard aunt Chime’s voice screaming from the main house.

I sighed in fustration ‘this goddamn woman…’ i cursed.

‘calm down…’ Ifeanyi said chuckling ‘there will always be another day…i’ll come pick Henna up from school tomorrow…so maybe we could talk from there’

‘okay…’ i said getting up.

He held my hand ‘Ivyy…about us..who are we to each other?’

I remembered him using this particular line several times two years ago and each time, i kept telling him the same thing…”friends”

Maybe i should tell him the same thing again…but were we really friends?

‘acquaintances’ i replied and walked away but not before seeing the look of hurt in his eyes.

‘Ralph! Leave me alone…how many times am i going to beg you to?’ i asked as he locked the door.

We were in the female toilet. I had gone in there to ease myself only for him to barge in just before i could squat.

He dragged me to himself forcefully and breathed on my face ‘babe…you are so beautiful…’

‘leave me alone you per.vert……else i’ll scream!’ i stuggled to get out of his arms but he was stronger than i am.

I went behind me and grabbed my as.s kneading them together.

‘leave me…alone Ralph…’ i said my voice shaky.

I couldnt explain what i was feeling inside…but i knew i was getting aroused.

His left hand left my buttocks to my and he squeezed them touching my ni.pples in return. I didnt know when i moaned.

He chuckled ‘you love it dont you? Guess u never felt like this before…’ he was unbuttoning my shirt now.

I slapped his hands away ‘get lost!’

He dragged me to himself and enveloped my mouth in a hot kiss that brought out an involuntary moan from me.

I tried protesting but the kneading of my as.s and the squeezing of my ni.pples were really getting to me.

And before i knew it, i had my hands wrapped around his neck responding to his kisses as he continued massaging my breasst.

He completely unbottoned my shirt, dipped his hands in my bra and massaged my ni.pples.

I broke the kiss and moaned shamelessly asking him to continue…his perverted chuckle and smile didnt bring me to back to my senses and all i wanted was for him to keep on.

His mouth covered one of my ni.pples and the warmth sent waves of arousal down my spine…i gasped.

His hands went under my skirt and into my panties toying with my cli.t. The toilet was just filled with my moanings.

I didnt care that someone could walk in at that moment and catch us in the act…all i wanted was maximum pleasure from the boy i hated the most.

The ringing of the bell and the voice of the disciplinarian brought me back to my senses and i pulled back immediately…my face flushed in embarrassment.

I picked up from blouse from the filthy ground, dusted it and wore it.

The grin on his face was really annoying and i gave him two slaps for it.

He held his cheek in shock.

‘thats for taking advantage of me…’ i said ‘perver.t!’ I dashed out of the bathroom in embarrassment and anger.

I couldnt believe Ralph had my first kiss. Ralph of all people.

That dickhead!


Episode Ten.
It was Henna’s birthday.
Yes, i should have gotten a gift for her but it skipped my memory…because i had alot on my plate.
The issue with mama, Ralph, papa and aunt Chime and then Ifeanyi. We decided to have a small get together in a small restaurant in the outskirts of the village. It was very far and we had gone in Ifeanyi’s car.
Kainene, Henna and Ifeanyi’s elder sister was there…gosh! I hate that girl…she’s so pompous and proud and believes no one was better than she was.
Then Ifeanyi, Henna, Ije, Oma and i.
We…or rather should i say they were having fun.

‘i invited Ralph and Jude over you know…’ Henna suddenly said.

I nearly choked on my drink ‘you did what?!’

Ifeanyi gave me a wierd look while Kainene was like has-she-gone-mad?

‘i invited Ralph and Jude…’ Henna repeated staring at Ije and Oma ‘any problem?’

‘you shouldnt have invited that shameless golddigging flirt over to this place!’ i snapped before i could stop myself.

‘i can sense something here…’ Ije said looking at me suspiciously ‘babe…tell me like seriously, whats between the both of you…i mean…’

‘just hold it there Ije…’ i said immediately ‘i dont have time for this. You know very well that i cannot date Ralph even if i want to date…i’d rather go for….’

‘Ifeanyi…’ Henna said immediately and the girls laughed.

My face flushed in embarrassment..why did they have to say that in front of him.

‘what…’ i stammered.

Kainene rolled her eyes ‘seriously..dont tell me you too have a thing for my brother…’

Henna looked at her ‘so what if she does?’

‘Henna, i wasnt talking to you’ Kainene said.

‘Sure you werent…’ Henna snapped.

‘thats enof seriously…’ Ifeanyi interjected ‘you guys should stop taunting Ivyy please…you know she doesnt like it’

‘thing is…i’m already regretting coming to this place’ i said rolling my eyes.

‘oh my babie…’ Henna said pouting throwing her hand over my shoulder ‘i’m sorry some people are giving you a hard time…’ i knew she was referring to Kainene…for some reasons best known to the both of them, they never really got along as sisters.

‘you are also one of them…’ i said smiling.

‘you are finally smiling…’ Oma said.

My smile widened but disappeared immediately i sighted the monster coming with a swag i had come to hate. His errandboy, Sam was with him as usual..i wonder if that boy was ever going to get a life asides from being Ralph’s toy thing.

‘hello babies in the house…’ he said smiling sitting beside me ‘hi Vee luv…happy birthday Henna’

Henna and the girls exchanged glances ‘so you had to acknowlegde the presence of ur luv first before wishing me a happy birthday. Anyways, no problem…where’s Jude?’

‘Jude, uhm….stopped by to get cigarettes..’ he replied looking at me.

I caught the anger and jealousy on Ifeanyi’s face but i pretended not to see it.

‘excuse me Veebeauty…seems you’re as bored as i am, lets take a stroll’ Ifeanyi said standing up offering his hand and i gladly took it. Anything to get away from the demon beside me.

We walked away from the table despite the stares the girls were giving me. Who cares?

‘care to tell me what….’ i was saying.

‘Vee pls dont start…its going to spoil your mood and i dont want you ruining Henna’s birthday’

‘truth is, i dont know why you’re hiding this from me…she’s my mother’

‘i know…’ he suddenly looked pale ‘Vee, i…i want to ask a question’

‘what is it?’

‘are you and Ralph an item?’

‘heck me! That dirty and nonsensical idiot? Hell no! Why do you ask?’

‘nothing….’ he shook his head immediately ‘i…i just dont want any guy claiming you…’

I laughed ‘and why would he claim me? Am i a trophy?’

He laughed then suddenly looked serious. He brought my hands to his chest ‘i rili love u Ivyy…yes, i havent been able to tell you about it…but i always did love you…even before i left for the city…you’re my source of joy and happiness, even Henna and Kaine knows that’

‘Ifeanyi….’ i was dumbfounded and flabbergasted…Ifeanyi was my best friend…yes he was once my crush but…did i still have feelings for him?

‘just say yes…i’ll take care of you…i’ll make sure you are contented and happy…’ he said pushing my hair aside.

‘Ify, i nid time to think about this…’

‘i cant wait…i luv you…i cant wait any longer…’




‘you dont nid doubts…i love u so much…’

Maybe i should give it a try..give love a trial…afterall he was once my crush…i made up my mind to tell him yes when his phone rang and he had to step aside to answer it.

I decided to use the ladies as he answered his call.

I paused when i saw Ralph there with a grin on his face ‘i knew you’d come here baby’

I opened my mouth. He had an Attention.

I cant remember what happened next but i knew before long we were kissing and smooching inside the ladies…his manhood already out of his trousers.

A prayer for me please.



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