VIDEO: Olawumi – Alone


Coming back to her Soulful position of authority in this Afro-cutting edge themed video, Olawumi has turned out to be the feisty lark we’ve all developed to love. In her video for “Alone”, a cheery number delivered by NBHD Nate, we get the opportunity to see Olawumi in what gives off an impression of being her common living space — on the telephone, snickering and shouting with a nail record prepared to go. Coordinated by Brggs, and co-coordinated by Olawumi herself, this video is certain to give you an incredible snicker, a fun melody to have latched onto your subconscious mind, and in particular, some chill visuals that demonstrate Olawumi’s commitment to shading blocking and moderation.

Olawumi clarifies the making of the video herself: “I had a great deal of fun making this video. We needed something fun, entertaining, and genuine. I feel like a great deal of the time my music is excessively miserable, or excessively genuine for a fun video, so I was eager to at long last kick back and be my other self; the senseless, brilliant Olawumi. Here and there we need to kick “Ola-desolate” to the side and bring the vitality through the screen. It was genuinely a private ordeal that showcases who I truly am.”

Watch and Enjoy underneath!!


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