Biafra Heroes Day: Major Markets In Port Harcourt Completely Shutdown (Live Photos)


Happening live in Port harcourt (Igweocha). Eke Obigbo Market total shut down to observe Biafra Heroes day/Sit at HOME ….
More photos loading


A social commentator posted:

Some people won’t like this today
I see weeping and gnashing of teeth
They will say to themselves, What happened


” A powerful prince will arise from the trigger of the gun.

He will be the envy of other princes.
They will try to subdue his rise but fail.”

Nostradamus aka The Man Who Saw Tomorrow
1) They will try to destroy the unity of the Igbos and their ancestral neighbors whom the Igbos neither invaded nor hated.

2) If they succeed, they will blockade the Igbos from importing through their southern border via neighbors territories.

3) They will insist the Igbos should import through their land from where they can stifle the Igbos economically through unreasonable import and export levies.

Fellow Igbos ask yourselves why
1) A particular people keep faking their identities to create the impression that Igbos and their neighbors are at war.

2) A senator from that particular people opposed the extension of the railway line to the Eastern heartland.

3) A senator from that particular people opposed the relocation of the oil companies headquarters back to the SS/SE regions.

4) A President from that particular people destroyed Odi when they realized that Igbos are their friends and not enemies.

5) An Acting President from that particular people talked about a second civil war when we are talking about a Referendum

6) A hero from that particular people, encouraged starvation as a weapon of war and gave out only 20pounds to people having more than that amount in their bank accounts.

Igbos insisting on an only Igbo Biafra, think well oooooooooooo.

Because you guys are doing those people bidding for them


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