Read Story: Blood for Blood!!!!!! season 1[Episode 5]

**********Episode 5**********
I stopped dead in my tracks as five menacing figures carrying shiny looking automatic rifles headed towards my direction.i could see them but they couldn’t see me.A fact for which I could be glad for the mean time.Two of dem walked past my actual location while the one walking in front of the remaining two reached my location,he stopped dead in his tracks,put his hands on his necklace and yelled to the others,”the palamus position here ooooo”….s–t!!! apparently this nigga had jazz…I had split seconds to react.If I shot any one of dem,make no mistake in the fact that there were thirty-five of them armed to the teeth ready to make mince-meat of me if d need arises.I was muscular but could only take two of dem at once… shooting was out of the question,i quietly dropped my trusted companion(the pistol) in the underlying shrubs and used dry leaves to cover it making a mental note to find it later with a metal detector I had stocked in the house.As the huge muscular frame of the guy drew closer,he reached into the shrubs surrounding me and touched my face.He had found me!!!!!!
Without waiting for him to make any other move,i grabbed his hand,pulled him with all the muscles in my upper body causing him to hurl forward,through the shrubs and into where I was.Not waiting at all for him to land,i gave two quick jabs,one to the throat and the other point blank on the chest.He was on his back on the ground now writhing in pains but there was a problem now,the others could see me….
As fast as I could,i ran through the bushes but I dared not run towards my house……A barrage of gunshots banished d silence of the cold night as branches and leaves behind me got torn apart by both bloodthirsty cultists and speeding bullets…..The hunt was on……


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