Read Story: Blood for Blood!!!!!! season 1[Episode 3]

********Episode 3*****
I jerked down out of sheer impulse,to say the truth I was my tippytoes now,”d–n dat shot could have come from anywhere”,”what if the shooter was aiming for me???,”thoughts raced through my mind faster than a speeding bullet.I had split seconds to assess the situation,wait!!!,i saw something,there was a flicker of light in the distance,i saw it or at least I was sure I did…preparing myself for the worst.i slipped my cold feet into my trainers and stepped into the forest towards the flicker of light which I had seen earlier…..i had unending shrubs and overhanging branches to deal with.”i should have brought a machete” I thought to myself but no!! I was planning to be as discreet as possible to ensure that I didn’t alert the shooter of my presence in case he hadn’t noticed already…As I approached the flicker of light,i started hearing faint voices……again!!!!,they were unmistakeable,they were the same set of voices I had heard earlier,i was sure this time…..Creeping like a shadow through the bush as expertly as I could I had three things on my mind,such a sophisticated weapon in this bush??,who could the shooter be??,what was the flicker of light doing here!!!!!,why did the shooter shoot??…..Twigs and dry leaves rustled as I inched towards what now appeared to be a large bon-fire.the voices I had heard were now becoming audible enough for me to pick out what was being said……To my dismay,there were a lot more people than I had prepared for judjing from the multitude of voices…….very cold chills crept up my spine as I made out a line. from their chants…..Aro mate xxooooo………to which the others replied ”bloody”……this was the initiation ceremony of the dreaded ”supreme vikings confraternity”right in my backyard….this apparently was were the gunshot I heard was fired from…..My pistol shook in my hand as I prepared myself for a long night.

… be continued…..
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