BREAKING NEWS: Ebonyi, Enugu, & Abia Has Crude Oil But Kept ‘A Secret’ Till Biafra’s Independence!

In 1964 the World Bank named Eastern Nigeria the fastest growing regional economy on earth. At the time of this assessment, Eastern Nigeria was made up of the present 10 states of the Biafra. Reason for the assessment was that in 1964.


» Biafra was the world’s largest producer and exporter of palm oil and palm kernel. Above 90 per cent of the palm oil and palm kernel came from Eastern Nigeria.

» Biafra was the world’s largest producer of cassava. Above 60 per cent of Nigeria’s cassava was produced in Eastern Nigeria.

» By 1964, garri, yam and palm oil from Biafra were sold to South Africa, Great Britain and the United States. Coal mining had reached commercial production and Biafra had started making money from Nige­ria’s coal export.

» By 1964 the Eastern Ni­geria Development Corporation (ENDC) was Eastern Nigeria’s next highest em­ployer of labour after the regional govern­ment itself. 

» Yet, crude oil was first found in places like present day Ebonyi, Enugu, Anambra and of course Imo and Abia about 40 years before oil was discovered in present day Bayelsa state but was barred from being drilled out & kept secret.

So, if without crude oil the Igbos could achieve this record what makes you think they won’t achieve more with the crude oil in Igbo land?

Did you notice what they said concerning coal? The coal in Enugu will banish darkness and provide 24hrs electricity in the entire region. Over 40% of the electricity being generated in the US come from coal fired power plants. Common sense should tell you that what you have in Enugu can provide constant electricity to the entire country if need be.

I strongly believe that most opposition to an independent Biafra nation is based on envy and fear that the Igbos on their own will be so developed that the rest of Nigeria will be like 1,000 years behind.

Who is afraid of healthy competition and why?

Once you know the truth no amount of lies can change it!


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