APC Cry Foul, Says – Anambra LG ‘Transition Committee’ Shall Not Stand, See Their Reason


Appointments, illegal and ill-intentioned.

The appointment of what he called Transition Chairmen into twenty-one local government areas by the outgoing governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano is not only a ra.pe on the judiciary , it is a direct slap on the face of democratic Anambra State.

Gov. Obiano is fully aware of, and the government of Anambra State which he heads is a party in a suit filed by APC Local Government Candidates in the botched 2015 Local Government polls which ought to be subsisting at the moment.

Section 208 of the 1999 Anambra State Local Government Act, which ‘empowers ‘ the governor to appoint LG Chairmen and enables the State House of Assembly to approve them ‘whenever it is not possible to hold local government elections’ is being challenged in that suit for which judgment is deliberately being preempted by the governor.

It is a timely reminder that Anambra State cannot afford to re-elect a despot who demolished all the democratic structures he met, killed all the checks and balances he inherited, took advantage of the created loopholes to hang suffocating debt on the state ,launder LG funds and still beat his chest about erecting three structurally defective obstacles on the Enugu Onicha Freeway.

Anambra State requires leaders who can be respectful to judicial proceedings and obey the laws of the land to avert chaos.

But beyond that the 21 characters illegally and hurriedly nominated, and hurriedly and illegally rubber-stamped by a sitting duck of a one-party legislature headed by an incompetent woman are portray the real intent of the eleventh hour dry joke from Obiano.

Their illegal appointment, illegal rubber stamping, midnight swearing in, building up to illegal assumption of office hall will not stand.

This is the view of Ndi Anambra and APC will see it through. Our great party will have more to say about these sad developments in
the coming days and weeks.

In the interim, we urge the Judiciary in Anambra State to assert their independent, as a date with history.

Okelo Madukaife
State Publicity Secretary


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