Joke: Road Description.

When oyinbo people describe a location, they simply say ” The place is about a mile and half, north- west or 300 metres away from Greenville park”. You actually know where u are going.

But in Naija, our house numbering system can’t be trusted. You may find house number 43 in between 5 and 6.

Moreover, we know nothing about miles and metres.

So when some of you want to describe your house location, you will be like,
“If you reach mbonu crescent, you will see one big gutter. Jump the gutter and corner left.
Do as if you are going right but be cornering left small small.

Be going down down…straaaaight!
Until you will see one place they’re selling akamu in front of one redeem church; opposite where they use to throwey dustbin. Just stand there and flash me, I will come outside.


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