FG’s Mute On Xenophobic Attack Lies On Igbo’s Being The Most Victimised – MASSOB


It is indeed a scrupulous act and abysmally a total violation of fundamental human right of people who by the colour of their skin tend to
associate with a fellow country, perhaps calls each other brother, laying bare for a through partnership and international relationship was in-between the line caught up by anger and man inhumanity to man.

Despite the friendly help rendered to South Africa by Nigeria counterpart during the apartheid period could not quench the razing fire flame of hatred that laid to a massive slaughtering of a good number of Nigerians in South Africa.

However this made the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) on Saturday 12 March 2017 to call on the attention of South African government to stop the xenophobic attacks being levelled on Nigerians in their country.

This they said has claimed lives of many Nigerians living in the country. MASSOB said most of the victims of xenophobic attacks in South Africa were Igbo people.

Nazi Sunday Okereafor , the National Director of Information of MASSOB, made this call on Saturday, that the Federal Government was not compelling its South African counterpart to stop the xenophobic attacks on Nigerians, particularly Igbo people doing business in the area.

Okereafor claimed that one Emeka, who was a businessman in South Africa, was shot 25 times by a group of South African youths, adding that it was wrong for Africans to kill their brothers for no just cause.

He said, “Government has not shown enough commitment towards stopping these attacks; because Igbo people are more in population in South African” Federal government can stop this attack if they want to”.


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