Timi Dakolo Has Proof Of Payment To Majek Fashek’s Management – Tribune

Ace singer, Timi Dakolo, has finally provided proof of payment following his brand being slammed with copyright allegations and suit by veteran, act, Majek Fashek, Timi Dakolo was hit with a N10million lawsuit for allegedly making a remix of his song ‘Send Down The Rain’ without permission.


Having had enough of the petty fight, Timi Dakolo has now gone on to release documents which showed that he indeed made payment to Fashek’s team. He provided payment details of the his transaction between himself and Majek’s management.

According to Sunday Tribune, whom Dakolo showed the payment details to, the singer did pay Fashek’s team on June 12, 2012. He paid a sum of N500,000 as part payment for the copyright lease of the song ‘Send Down The rain.’

According to Timi Dakolo,

“I have all the proofs that I paid Majek Fashek’s management, since 2012. I did a remix of the song, ‘Send Down The Rain’ out of love and respect for Majek Fashek.”


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