A device that can help firefighters see through the smoke Developed

A ground breaking small camera with thermal imaging software has been developed and will be attached to the existing mask used by firefighters inorder to enable them see thermal images on a micro-screen in real time. The sole purpose of this creation is to help save lives by giving firefighters more information in smoke filled environments.

Flint-based Taylor Dowding Innovation (TDI) designed the electronics, software and the system for transferring the data for Scott Safety, a leading manufacturer of personal safety equipment. The design and development of most parts of this camera started 9 months back.

According to Mike Stirling, the technical director, he said: “Hand-held thermal imagers can be quite a bit more costly so there is an opportunity for more fire fighters to have them and this is also completely hands-free, which is also beneficial.”

Scot safety, a company that manufactures personal safety equipment, said the technology was a cutting edge and could be integrated into each of the fire fighters’ masks and breathing apparatus “giving them back their sight and also feeing up their hands for important fire fighting tasks”.


This is an upvote to TDI for a job well done and also, for coming up with a beautiful innovation which will stand the test of time.


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