VALENTINE: Ladies! Check Out These Six Valentine Gifts You Can Give Your Partner

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and
somewhere, one girl is planning to buy her man
singlet and boxers. If you are one of such girls,
you better cancel those plans before Amadioha
strikes you down!

Don’t use recession as an excuse; there are gifts
that won’t cost an arm and a leg that you can
get for bae.
Check out these examples below:

1. Learn about football, even if it is for one day
There is this saying that the quickest way to a
man’s heart is his stomach. While this is true,
most women forget that you can form a strong
bond with your man if you just bother to learn
something about football and his favorite team.
I for one particularly hate explaining the offside
rule or my girlfriend telling me that Arsene and
Arsenal sound so alike and this is why Mr
Wenger should remain Arsenal’s coach. So if you
must pretend to like football just for one day,
please do! I can assure you your man will never
forget it.
Or, you can get him a customized jersey.


2. Stock the fridge with his favorite alcoholic/
non alcoholic drink


If your man likes to drink, just stock the fridge
with his favorite brand of beer. Make sure you
buy at least a month’s worth of drinks

3. Fuel his car + the gen at home
You could also take on the responsibility of
fueling his car. And I’m not talking of just buying
fuel for one day, no, instead, offer to fuel the car
for at least a month. Since PHCN sometimes act
like people with brain touch, fuel the gen at
home too.


4. Take him out and may for everything
Men are proud creatures. some of us will die
before we admit that some of us like going to
the movies or just chilling at the beach. If your
bae is one of such men, take the initiative.

him to the beach of take him to one of those
restaurants or hotels with an all you can eat
buffet. And yes, make sure you pay for


5. Don’t nag, even if it’s for one day
We get it. Women like to talk. I’m not against
you sharing your opinion, but for Valentine’s Day,
just share your thoughts in a civil way.

No need
to nag. Trust me, bae will notice.


6. Pray for him
Women often underestimate the power of prayer
in their relationship.

Imagine your man waking up
to see you praying for him.


Believe me, even if he is
the devil’s younger brother, he’ll appreciate it
better than that pack of Lux singlet you want to buy.

There you have it ladies, these are some gift
ideas you can give your man on Valentine’s Day.

Don’t let the devil trick you into buying boxers
and handkerchief.

To the male readers, what other gifts would you
like from your lady? Let them know in the
comment section below.


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