I want to be a vampire (short story)

There was a teenage boy named
Lorcan who said he wanted to be a
vampire. Everyone thought he was just
looking for attention. He didn’t have
any friends. All of the kids in school
were afraid of him.

He was odd-looking and his head
seemed too large for his body. He was
unnaturally thin and his eyes were
sunken and had dark circles around
them. His cheeks were hollow and his
skin was a deathly shade of pale. He
dressed in black from head to toe. He
wore a long black trenchcoat that
resembled a cape.

When the other kids were playing
sports, Lorcan would be sitting in the
corner of the school yard, engrossed in
one of his books. He collected books
about vampires, devil worship and
satanic rituals. He read each one over
and over, feverishly underlining
passages and taking notes.

There were always strange rumors
about him floating around the
neighborhood. Some younger children
claimed they had seen him murder a
dog and drink its blood. Others said he
would kidnap cats in the
neighborhood and bring them home so
that he could perform weird
experiments on them.

His parents were worried sick about
him. His odd behavior unnerved them
and they didn’t know what to do with
him. They brought him to doctors and
psychiatrists, but none of it did any

One night, his mother found some of
his books. When she realized they
were about satanism, she was
horrified and threw them in the
garbage. Lorcan didn’t complain or
protest, but when his parents went to
bed, he crept downstairs and went
outside to retrieve his beloved books
from the trash.

The next day, he made a big hole in
the ceiling of his wardrobe. It was his
secret passage and it allowed him to
crawl up into the attic unnoticed. He
kept all his books there, safe from
prying eyes. The attic became his
secret place.

He even constructed a makeshift altar
and decorated it with satanic symbols,
upside-down crosses and crude
drawings of the devil. One night, he
broke into the local church and stole a
silver chalice and some communion
wafers. He brought them home and
placed them on his altar.

During the day, Lorcan was sleepy and
lethargic, but at night, he would come
alive. While his mother and father
were asleep, he would creep around
the house barefoot, trying not to make
the slightest sound. Sometimes he
would creep soundlessly into their
bedroom and stand over them,
watching their peaceful slumber.

One day, the teacher gave everyone in
the class an assignment. They had to
write an essay entitled “When I Grow
Up.” The teacher asked if anyone
wanted to read their essay out loud to
the class and Lorcan raised his hand.
He stood in front of the blackboard
holding a crumpled piece of paper and
cleared his throat.

“When I grow up,” he began, “I want
to be a vampire.”

The other kids rolled their eyes and
giggled. Lorcan was so excited, the
paper was shaking in his hands.

“I want to sleep in a coffin,” he
continued. “I want to surround myself
with death. I want to dedicate myself
to evil and get revenge on all my
enemies. I will surrender my soul to
satan and accept him as my lord and

“That’s enough, Lorcan!” the teacher

Lorcan ignored her and his voice grew
louder. None of his classmates were
giggling now.

“I want to drink the blood of little
boys and girls and feel it coursing
through my veins. I want to sink my
teeth into the soft flesh of my victims
and feel their hot blood trickling down
my throat…”

“Stop it, Lorcan!” the teacher cried.
“Sit down!”

“I want to rip them open, pull out
their insides and feast on their
entrails. I want to destroy every living
thing. I want to burn the world. I want
to kill everyone who made fun of

The teacher lunged at him, snatching
the paper out of his hands. Lorcan
clawed at her and screamed like a mad
thing. As she grabbed him by the neck
and marched him off to the principal’s
office, he was yelling, “I want to be a
vampire! I want to kill you all! I WANT

Lorcan was suspended from school
and his parents had to meet with the
teacher and the school principal. After
that, everyone watched him like a
hawk. Neighbors would pull their
children off the street if they saw him
coming. Rumors spread quickly about
him and nobody wanted anything to
do with him.

One day, a little boy who lived in the
neighborhood went missing. His
parents searched for him, but there
was no sign of him anywhere. It was
as if he had vanished into thin air. The
police were called and they knocked
on every door in the area, asking

One officer questioned Lorcan and
noticed he was acting very nervous.
The policeman had a bad feeling about
the teenager and he insisted on
speaking to his mother and father.
Lorcan’s parents let the policeman in
and agreed to let him search the
house. Lorcan grew even more

The police officer searched Lorcan’s
room, but didn’t find anything
suspicious. Then, he opened the
wardrobe and noticed a hole in the
ceiling. When he poked his head up
through the hole and peered into the
attic, his eyes were greeted by a
horrifying sight. Later, he would say it
was the single most disturbing thing
he had ever seen in his life.

The dead body of the missing boy was
hanging from the roof. His arms and
legs were tied to the rafters of the attic
in the shape of a crucifix. Beneath him
was a satanic altar, surrounded by
books on devil worship. On the altar
was a silver chalice, filled with blood.

The policeman scrambled downstairs
and raised the alarm. He shouted for
his colleagues and when he told them
what he had seen, they began a
desperate search for Lorcan, but the
teenager was nowhere to be found. His
parents had no idea where he was.

Policemen on the street swore they
hadn’t seen anyone leave the house.

Nobody could find any trace of the
teenage boy. The police were baffled.

They were sure there was no way the
boy could have escaped without being
noticed. It was a complete mystery.

Later on, one of the officers did recall
witnessing something strange. He said
that just after all the commotion had
started, he thought he saw something
fly out of one of the upstairs windows.

It flapped its wings and disappeared
into the night.

He thought his eyes were playing tricks
on him, but he could have sworn it
was a large, black bat.


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