MUSIK GIST ALERT: No phonies by Vikxx




Vikxx the upcoming rapper sets to release his first official single. This he opened up to his fans last Sunday who have for long awaited for a single from the young act.

The hip trap song he titled “NO PHONIES” would be dropping on the 21st of this month.
The production credit going to X1, the 043 award winning producer.

Much anticipation for the fans cos the song is going to be a hit for them.


When asked why he(vikxx) named the song “no phonies”?

He said
   “Ah gat fake people around me. People with hidden identity that would put on a smile before you and stab you at your back. This people are the phonies I talked about.
Quoting from the rapper Drake..“I got fake people showing fake love to me straight outta my face”

So it’s time to put off those phonies and get realness addiction… I love all my fans, realers and dem homies! They made me…. ”


The song is sure to go as to the impact and creativity expected.
Vikxx_No phonies.



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