BASKETBALL: Heartwarming moment as student with special needs scores final shot in school basketball game

It was a winning night for Norman High School in Oklahoma and Lainy Henderson, a senior student with special needs, was given the ball to make the final shot, helping Norman High beat rivals Norman North 59-35 on Friday.

“She’s always asking me, ‘When am I getting in?’” said Michael Neal, her coach on the Norman High girls team, told The Oklahoman.

With just minutes left in the game, Lainy was called in to take the final shot when chants of “We want Lainy!” were heard from the bleachers, according to The Oklahoman.

Lainy stepped up to the free throw line with standing ovations from the crowd as she took the shot.

Teams from both sides also cheered for her when she scored the final basket.


This great show of sportsmanship and support was shared to Twitter by Scott Wright on Feb. 3.
Check below


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