Tension in Abuja as pro-Buhari protesters clash with #OneVoiceNigeria (photos)

There was a mild tension at the Unity Fountain in Abuja after scores of pro-Buhari protesters met with other Nigerians under the aegis of #OneVoiceNigeria rally on Monday, February 6.

The pro-Buhari activists had arrived at the proposed venue of the #OneVoiceNigeria march long before the other protesters.

However, immediately Nigerians from the anti-Buhari’s government group started coming, the pro-Buhari group started chanting: “Buhari will come back alive”, “We believe in Buhari”, “Nigerians are fully with you sir”.

But, not perturbed by the drama exhibited by the pro-Buhari campaign group, the #IStandWithNigeria group began its own chants.

The group members started with allegations against the pro-Buhari group.

They said: “They have given you N500 each to come and protest”, “Each of here can feed you all”.

See picture from the Pro-Buhari rally below:



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