Jokes of the Day. (you need to laugh)

Dead Luggage

KINGSLEY: Abbey is dead!

GOODLUCK: What!!! Did he die in the crash?


GOODLUCK: D–n! As a passenger?

KINGSLEY: No… As a luggage.

Are You Single

When people ask, “How are you still single?
You are good looking, nice and always listening…”

My reply is just, “I’m overqualified!”


Quick in Maths

INTERVIEWER: It says here that you are very quick at math, so what is 17 X 23?


INTERVIEWER: That is not correct!

JOB SEEKER: Yes, but it was quick
Moretivational Message

Uche was having a Whatsapp conversation with his friend Dele…

UCHE: Oh that’s a very moretivational message.

DELE: Please what’s “moretivational”? What were you trying to spell?

UCHE: Lolll…. sorry, my mind wasn’t there. I mean multivational.

DELE: I guess this time your entire head


The Stolen Goat

Kunle stole a goat, he was arrested and taken to court.

JUDGE: Gentleman, are you guilty or not guilty?

KUNLE: My Lord, I’m not guilty.

JUDGE: How come you were arrested and brought before the court for stealing a goat?

KUNLE: My Lord, I was just passing by Mr. Darlington’s house and I saw a very big rope tied to a tree. I said to myself, “maybe the tree is trying to commit suicide,” so I rescued the tree and took the rope home. My Lord… I swear I didn’t realise there was a goat tied to the rope until now!

The Judge freed Kunle.


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