Controversy over Buhari’s health, Nigerians react

The Presidency on Thursday insisted that despite the rumour doing the rounds on President Muhammadu Buhari’s state of health, the President is not ill. Nigerians however are beginning to react.

Nigerians are suspicious of Government denial because WE HAVE BEEN HERE BEFORE. It wasn’t too long ago that a DEAD man was ruling this country as president. Those that asked for prove then were also ridiculed and excuses were made, as are being made today.
Call me a doubting Thomas but, given our previous experience, only a dated video of President Buhari will convince me. Once bitten, twice shy!

NLC chiefs are very useless minds. What concerns Buhari’s address to Nigerians with several months salary arrears being owed workers? Many workers have not received their salaries for months now and NLC could not fight for them.

You are all funny people , How can a President of a Country like Nigeria disappear without any international Countries saying something about it ? , you people should get serious and get back to work, he his well and living alright , He deserve to be on Vacation like anybody else, Common sense People.He own nobody nothing , For God sake people, get busy , God help your Nation indeed!!!!

I just hope this NLC guys understand the implication of talking when it is irrelevant… please let Peace and Sanity reign among us

I can’t believe that this man, a whole secretary general of NLC will support this kind of demand. May be he should take this wish to the National Assembly constitution review committee. So that anytime Nigeria’s president travels for vacation such president will be under obligation to address the nation.

The President of all Nigerians is hale and healthy and holidaying, cannot for once dispel evil rumours about him and give his subjects peace, by speaking directly to them. Instead, he is claiming ‘rights’ to speak or not to.
To me, it is strange and surprising. All may not be well.
All that can be said now, is praying without ceasing, as the Spirit leads.

Even if there is a video, you will be the one to say its fake or that it was recorded last year. This was not the same as time of yaradua. Power has been transmitted and there is currently no vacuum. Osibajo is acting president conferred with the powers of sitting president. Buhari was not airlifted in an ambulance, he waka with him leg. Let the man rest. If he doesnt come back on the 6th, then you can start panicking.

At times these happenings keeps strengthening my belief about us the ”citizens” of this so called ”country” because I don’t believe there is anything as Nigeria.During Yar’adua this was how we keep dramatizing but when his time came he passed on, upon all the phone calls from baba Obasanjo that the man is fine,so ten days leave and we are making noise after ten days if he does to return we wait again for another explanation.

NLC should face other urgent issues other than Mr President’s health when there is man acting in his capacity and he has not been away above the ten days he told us he was going to spend.
NLC should not allow themselves to be used by the opposition to throw the nation into another controversies. We have enough problems at hand

Every well reasonable fellow knows that there’s something fishy about Buhari health condition. The presidency is not telling the Nigerian people the truth…. according to Junaid Mohammed. However since the presidency circulated that Buhari photograph where he was in the sitting room making a phone call and watching of Channel TV show in far away London or did they say it was Germany, anyway the location of where he was viewing the TV station doesn’t matter at all but some people argued:
1. Can Buhari watch a Nigeria TV show in far away Europe?
Ans: yes he can. By using android dish connected to TV or by using internet and also connected to his TV.
2. Can an old man like Buhari dress casually like that on a winter season?
Ans: no he can’t. This is where the authenticity of the picture come in cos Buhari was not born in Europe, he didn’t grow up there and with his age Buhari cannot just dress casually like that with a light caftan with out putting on winter coat, no socks to cover his foot when the temperature is -0.2 •C.
3. Can someone dress casually in winter if there’s a well functional heater?
Ans: yes & no. This depends on age but no matter how young and healthy someone could be he/she must wear a footwear and some other things to add up, so in the case of elderly people I will say no they can’t cos is suicidal for Buhari with his age to put-on caftan as if he’s in Nigeria that I and many others doubt, reason being that this winter season is when old people tends to die more cos the diseases associated with winter.
My conclusion:
That picture is not taken in Europe, the presidency should tell us to truth.

What is the problem in traveling to abroad for rest/medical check up when lesser people do same freely? What should be our concern is how to better the lots of individual and how God will take us out of this economy mess.
Putting the cart before the horse, Buhari should speak to us from UK, is that the solution? Some Nigerians are so funny! At worst, who will not die?

So a short video to kill the story is infringing on his rights? Nigerians have gone through this situation before and it turned out to be true then. The rudimentary attempts on spin fall on deaf ears. They are not wishing ill on him, they actually want to know if he is ok. A video that puts the country at ease isn’t a bad play in the grand scheme of things. The 10 days will soon be over sha!

If Nigerians should wait till 6th of February, remember that 6th Feb is more than 10 days Buhari left this country. We are waiting, in as much as I don’t like wishing someone dead but in this case this man need to xxxii cos alot have gone wrong since he took over. God have mercy on his soul!

Is it a crime for someone to die..All those that are wishing MBuhari death will also die sooner or later.. Buhari pls enjoy your vacation in UK.. Let the wailers commit suicide.

Only in Nigeria can a president travel for 2 weeks and he is wished dead or asked to Proof he is alive. Shame on NLC. We should have more educated people in that group to know that Mr President hasn’t been away longer than necessary. If he has not resumed duty when due, and asked for more time , if there is indeed an health reason that won’t in the long run make him incapable of running the nation ,there would still be no justification for these calls as long as he states reasons why he is unable to resume . However,Nigerians have no respect for for the Elderly. Just as we have no plans for the elderly in our society and loot their pension, we seem not to get it that an elderly president is still an elderly biologically,psychologically and socially and faces all the normal changes that goes with ageing and from 50years in developed countries, there is an ageing policy that plans for later stages of life. Regular Health check is one way of enduring a successful ageing. We in Nigeria have no ageing policy for the future. We have senators and the Rich falling down and dieing of heart attack rather than they pass a law requiring free medical check up for anyone who is 50 years so that such an individual will know his health status and how to cope and so he can age gracefully. It’s called preventive care..not till one suddenly collapses. Franklin Delano Roosevelt ,the longest ever serving president of the USA, who served 4terms of 11years had Polio but he is regarded as one of the greatest presidents ever in US history.its also a shame that all our leaders since 1960 till date can’t even fix health care despite all money we make from oil resources and the money they themselves keep in banks both home and abroad. It’s a shame they still don’t know health care is not when you fly abroad but when you can get care readily and speedily. In case of emergency, no amount of money can save life as time is of essence. Black men have no vision but one of hate ,greed and selfishness. That’s why we can’t develop


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